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  • Teluk Intan Hash House Harriers (H4)
    had successfully done the 8th Anniversary 2015 and with nonstop hash activities local and abroad. In 2017, We, Teluk Intan Hash House Harriers (H4) hosted the 3rd Perak Joint Run with good attendance plus an awesome 10th Anniversary Celebration
  • TinCity Ipoh Hash Harriets was officially founded on 30th Oct 2008. Cheers for the 11 years of FUN, FITNESS, FELLOWSHIP, FRIENDSHIP during this hashing years. All our Runs been well responded by members and others. We have members who has been Hashing nonstop for more than 45 years, still hashing and continue to add color to the chapter. We are the 1st Harriets Chapters successfully done 11th Malaysian Nash Hash 2016 in Malaysia. With good hashing spirit, we Perak HHH Chapters of passionate Hashers whose goal, among others, is to bring together towards the Hashing community globally.

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Asia United Hash 2021 Ipoh, Malaysia
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Asia United Hash 2021

Ipoh, Malaysia


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Asia United Hash 2021 Ipoh Malaysia
History | Food | Arts

With a Festival of History, Food, Arts, Hashing in Ipoh Perak New Malaysia.
Ipoh Perak Malaysia has a completely different feel. The town grow rapidly, as a result of tin mining and rubber production in the surrounding region throughout the 1920’s and 1930’s Ipoh is the capital of Perak and the 4 largest city in Malaysia and serves as the gateway to Cameron Highlands.

Tour arrangement will be there for you and your family both pre and post PAH2021 to ensure you make the most out of this trip.

Pursuit of Happiness

What does Ipoh mean? Ipoh is Pursuit of Happiness. Perak The Land of Grace. In June 2016, Lonely Planet named Ipoh, the state Capital of Perak as the 6th best destination to visit in Asia! Lonely Planet also listed the entire state Perak as the 9th of 10 Top Regions in the World to visit in 2017.

Furthermore, on 07 Mar 2019, Taiping. Perak has been recognized as among the top 3 most sustainable cities in the world. The recognition was given during the 2019 Sustainable top 100 Destination Awards at the International Tourisms-Bores travel trade show in Berlin, Germany.

Caves Temples

Here, our beautiful Caves Temples are unique, well-preserved temple within a gorgeous collection of limestone caves in Ipoh.

The stalactite/stalagmite formations are brilliant and the lighting within the caves are interesting. Natural beauty, Gua Tempurung, the largest cave in Peninsula Malaysia and has plenty
to attract the serious caving enthusiast, the adventure seeker are just the casual visitor.

There is lots of fun to be had here in IPOH Perak just by coming here on holiday, but throw in an international Hashing event and you have full of excitement.

Food Heavan

Beside from all the hash arrangement, we as host, hope to give all visiting hashers a better feel of the diverse cultures of Perak.
Perak, a state rich in History, delicious food, excellent restaurants, famous local dishes and hawkers who make the city shine all year round. The “King of Kacang Putih” were found here also. Perak, its attractions are totemic: white coffee, pamelo, bean sprouts with chicken, Ipoh Hor Fun etc

For many, the main reason to visit Ipoh is to sample some of Ipoh’s famous food and Ipoh biscuits. Here are the best Ipoh food that you should not exclude from Ipoh food hunt! If you are looking for vegetarian food/restaurants in Ipoh, we have got you covered too!

Billion Year Old Belum Tropical

The Billion Year Old Belum Tropical Rain Forest Reserve waiting to make your once a life time hashing experience comes true. 

AUH 2021

If not Ipoh, where else for AUH 2021?

With Perak State Government Tourism Board support, Tin City promise you a
Whale of a Time in hashing for AUH2021!

This event is true Hash spirit, On On


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